Prague, Day 1

September 19, 2006

Honestly, I’m running on fumes at the moment. Really long day. Lots of flying, took a double-dose of Ambien and don’t think I really slept… Basically felt drugged up all day. Did drop by the set and walk around the old town. I can tell this is gonna be a rockin’ trip already.

The photo seen here is a toilet at the set. It has two flushers — one that flushes just a little water, and one that flushes a lot of water. Ya know… to get the big, sticky ones down the drain. Hahaha… Anyway, seems like a great idea. Would save a lot of water. Lord knows you don’t need the same amount of “flush” to push a bit of pee and a crap down the gutter.

Here’s a link to my “Day 1 Slideshow.”

(If you’ve never looked at a flickr slideshow, they’re awesome. If you want a description of a photo, click on it… to move on, click on it again.)

I do have a lot of cool eBay pictures, but I can’t really share them with you. Super confidential. Gotta respect it. Sorry.

More to come once I’ve regained full consciousness…


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