Day 3, Prague

September 21, 2006

Still sick. But really trying to power through it.

This morning, Sarah and I got tickets to the synagogues…we went to the Maisel and the Spanish. The Old-New (the oldest in Europe) was a seperate fee… I’ll probably do it tomorrow or this weekend.

After seeing the Spanish Synagogue, I decided to go back to the hotel for cash, tissues, and batteries. HOW I forgot these things is beyond me… my camera was dying, I had about 5 bucks on me, and my nose was starting to run. Smart, Dara. Real smart.

So I go back and wait for Sarah… she took longer than expected, so I decided to just shut my eyes for a few minutes. A few minutes turned into a few hours.

When I woke up, I felt like my cold was gone. In reality, it wasn’t… but I did feel better.

Sarah and I took a van to the studio where the Dodge spots are being shot…We got a flat on the way, so the studio sent another van to come get us.

Upon arrival, we were really taken aback by the sets. HUGE and really incredible. I’m sure this spot would have cost Dodge $3+ million if it were shot in Los Angeles. God bless Prague.

We waited around for a really long time for them to do one stunt. Once it was done… we headed back.

Now I’m back in the room… just had some take-out from an Italian restaurant…

We were gonna go out, but honestly, I’m kinda tired and kinda stressed that we need Jeep scripts ASAP. Seeing that Dodge set really got me thinking… we need to JAM on these scripts and they need to be awesome.

So… Prague hasn’t exactly been a big party… but I’m starting to feel better. And if I can get some work done and some spots shot, I’ll be in good shape.


One Response to “Day 3, Prague”

  1. Mallow said


    OMG! I cant beleive it.

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