The Backpacker Life.

October 11, 2006

Mitch, Me, Lil, & Sarah So, here’s a part of the backpacker story coming back into my daily life… Two characters who didn’t get enough mention are Lillian and Mitch. Both Aussies, and complete strangers. But they made up our Prague backpacking family after the shoot.

Lil is a hilarious girl who is taking a few months off before starting her job as a full-time “economist” (banker, here in America…). When she’s not dropping her enormous backpack on my head… (I saw stars. But I forgive her. Haha…) … she’s travelling the world on an around-the-world ticket. So jealous.

She also taught me that she and her friends in Sydney call McDonald’s “Mac’rs.” So awesome.

Anyway, I just got an email from her… and she’s coming to NYC to stay with me for about 4-5 days next week! She’s been in LA staying with a cousin and is itching to see the east coast. So she flies in to LGA next Tuesday night.

I love how in backpacking culture, you can meet a total stranger, become friends instantly, and then meet up again in some totally random country. What brings you together? A desire to explore… plain old wanderlust… who knows. But whatever it is, I love it. I definitely miss it from my backpacking days in 2000. Looking forward to her visit.


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