Craptacular Blogger.

November 19, 2006

Okay. I’m a terrible blogger. A fair-weather blogger. When things are slow, or I have deadline I feel like procrastinating against, it’s quite easy for me to blog.

However, when things get busy… like the kind of busy that’s out of your control so you can’t even procrastinate, even if you really want to… that’s when I can’t blog. And it seems I’ve finally hit a zone where I’m busy, but not so busy that I can’t blog.

So, enough blogging about blogging.

Things have been crazy lately. You already know this if you read the preceding paragraphs. We have been editing our eBay spots, working on our other clients, etc. It’s just been a lot. But I’ve loved every second of it. Except for last week when the client made a change to one of our spots… I’m not entirely happy with the final outcome. If you want to see it, it’s an eBay spot about an alarm clock. It starts airing November 20th… up through Thanksigiving… and then the un-Thanksgiving version of it will be back in January (with our other spot about perfume).  I won’t go into what made me so upset regarding changes… not the right kind of thing to go publishing on the web.

Don’t get me wrong. The spot is still good. I just think they made a decision that sorta kills some of the funny. And my Creative Directors fought hard for the changes not to happen. It’s kinda sucky when a client comes to you for your expertise and then poo-poos your opinions.

We also have a lot of Pepsi stuff about to the streets… look for really designy Pepsi stuff in the coming month or so… they’re putting it everywhere. Vault 49 did the artwork. It’s pretty hot.

Also, Vanessa Maganza and Rosie Quasaranno (spelling?) are in NYC working freelance for Hill Holliday. Saw them Friday… really happy they’re in town. THEY BETTER STAY!!

Ok. That’s enuf for today. I promise to do better.


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