The Vicious Cycle of Debt.

November 8, 2007

I think I just realized why I’m perpetually broke.

I blame my brain.

My brain is hyperactive. It won’t shut up. It is never happy unless we are doing or planning something.

Here’s a scenario:

I stay in a few nights – it saves money. No buying restaurant food. No drinks. Just hanging out.
This then makes me bored. Even a little bored with my life.
So I start thinking about how I need to add a little flavor. Like… a trip somewhere.
Then I research the trip and see how much it really costs. And I’m like… fuck. Guess not.
So I still need something to make myself feel like my life doesn’t suck.
So I buy some new boots. Or a new gadget. I mean… I didn’t spend any money going out this week, right? So I can afford it, right?
No. The whole point of staying in at ALL was to not spend money.
Then I feel bad.
And I want to escape.
So I research a trip to an even further-off, expensive land…

And the cycle continues.


Will someone PLEASE just give me $10K to erase my debt?


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