Whole Foods hates Perez Hilton.

November 11, 2007

PerezHiltonOk… maybe that’s unfair. Maybe Whole Foods doesn’t HATE Perez Hilton, but they certainly won’t allow people to view his website here at the Bowery Whole Foods in NYC.

During one of my regular bouts of procrastination, poking around on WF’s free wifi, I decided to see who Perez was ripping on today. Then, I get a message saying that Whole Foods doesn’t permit the viewing of “adult websites” in their store. “Adult Website??”

I mean, every once in a while, an idiot celeb will get his/her revealing pictures posted… but it’s not like Perez Hilton’s site is pornographic. And something tells me, I’m not the first person at this Bowery location to try and look up his site. And I’m sure I won’t be the last.


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