E-Paper, where art thou?

December 7, 2007

Personally, I’ve been following the rise of E-Paper for well over a year now. Dying to finally get my grubby paws on it.

I have to say… the color on these prototypes looks a LOT better than it did a year ago. I can’t wait till they can go into full production with this stuff… and make it so it’s not prohibitively expensive.

Another issue that’s come up with E-paper is how to power it… if it’s being used as a replacement for an LCD screen, that’s one thing… but if we were trying to put it on a billboard or in a magazine, you can’t very well have a battery pack floating around. They now have a technology that will PRINT the battery right onto the ad, which could do the trick… but for how long?

Stay tuned, fellow tech geeks. This should get good in the coming months…

Here’s a link to an article about it.


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