Taking a Crap or Taking a Walk?

December 11, 2007

I was always under the impression that the word “constitutional” had to do with taking a stroll. Sort of an old-timey, droll way of saying you’re taking a proper walk.

Then, my dad (and a couple other people) informed me that a “constitutional” is actually about taking a dump. Like, going on one’s morning or evening constitutional means your going to the can.

I looked up the definition on dictionary.com:

The NOUN “Constitutional” is defined as:

1. a walk or other mild exercise taken for the benefit of one’s health.

2. A walk taken regularly for one’s health.

So, I’m right. But I can see how that could be a smarmy way of saying one is taking a shit. I mean, it’s pretty unhealthy to hold a poo in your colon. And also, perhaps back when people were more “proper,” they also had to use outhouses. Which literally meant taking a walk to go take a dump.

Either way, I find this very interesting. Am I alone?


2 Responses to “Taking a Crap or Taking a Walk?”

  1. Jason Crapbag Sasportas said

    Awww… I used to be “proper” but I find it easier nowadays to say “I gotta go blow chunks. Be back in a bit.” You have a great blog by the way… I had no idea you were posting so many articles!!

  2. minor1 said

    I always preferred “dropping the cosby kids off at the pool” or having to “talk to a man about a horse,” but that may be a little “ole-timey” as well.

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