Loremo: sounds like Lame-o, but isn’t one.

December 20, 2007

Ever wondered why we need 3000 lb vehicles to move one or two 170 lb humans?

Guess what: we don’t. Bikes have been proving this for centuries, right?

Loremo is out to prove that a car can be both light and safe. Their 2-seater weighs about 10 bucks (that’s 1000 lbs for you reg’ler folks). And because it will have less weight to pull than other cars, it gets a whopping 150 mpg.

In terms of safety and wind resistance, the entrance to the car is not through 2 side doors, but through a giant gate in the front. It’s pretty cool.

Basically, hybrid technology is all great and good (and expensive)… but it seems aerodynamics and some new materials could save us drivers just as much at the pump.


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