My Bulgarian Xmas Present to Y’all.

December 24, 2007

So, I found this video on Perez Hilton’s site…

His name is Erik… just Erik. Like Madonna.

He sports a sassy double chin (covered in beard-scruff) and drinks from some kind of tallboy.

What could I possibly have to say about this guy?

Well, I have to wonder if this guy is actually cool in Bulgaria. If you stopped a 22-year-old on the streets of Sofia, would they be like “oh yeah! Erik! That guy’s the shiz!” Or would they be all embarrassed and say “actually, I prefer Justin Timberlake. Erik is ridiculous.”

Another interesting thought… it’s amazing what different standards other countries have for their musicians. If you’ve ever watched music videos from the Near or Middle East, you’ll notice that the musicians aren’t perfect-looking and 17.

They come in a range of ages, sizes, and aesthetics… Hence, Erik… who (ladies), if you saw him in a bar in the East Village, you’d probably splash his drink in his face just for talking to you.

Compare Erik to the Czech/Slovakian pop star Dara Rolins (great name, right?). Does that part of Eastern Europe just have different standards..?


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