I’m Baaaaack.

June 1, 2008

Hey all,

Sorry about the craptacular lack of blogging the past couple months. I could make up an excuse, but you’d all see through it… mainly because we’re all in advertising, hence, professional liars.

But I’m back. And I’m ready to rant again.

Just got back from Mexico. Had a good time, despite the fact that 3 doctors wouldn’t let me dive after having pneumonia a few weeks beforehand. Apparently, they don’t want to be blamed when my lungs explode. Go figure.

One of my favorite parts about traveling abroad is checking out foreign supermarkets. I think they say a lot about other cultures. The style of packaging, the language they use, the flavors they like most, etc. Plus it’s just fun to make fun of people who aren’t like you.

So, here were my findings at the Chedraui in Cozumel:

Ok. I know the picture is sideways, but I was too lazy to rotate it. Cut me some slack. Anyway, the two most popular sweet flavors I found were chocolate (yes!) and strawberry (double yes!). This cereal is for grown-ups who realize they should probably eat like grown-ups, but think like 9 year olds. Yup. Chocolate All-Bran.

Just more evidence that chocolate and strawberry are big… and even Mexican kids require everything to be overdesigned, loud, “Extrema” and “Intenso.” Oh, and full of sugar.

I particularly liked the name of this product. I even bought a small package of them on a whim… simply so I could whip them out of my bag every so often and yell “SPONCH!” at Jason.

They were kinda weird. I threw them out after eating a couple.

American Parents: take comfort that little American girls aren’t the only little girls in the world taught to idolize noseless whores.

Just in case you had any doubts, check out one of the Oreo flavors available down there. Yeah. Chocolate and strawberry. So jealous. Even Nutri-Grain makes a bar that’s filled with strawberry in a chocolate crust. C’mon, America. Jump on the Mexican bandwagon.

I also thought their muffins were kinda interesting. Why top a muffin with cinnamon chips or blueberries when you can use Froot Loops, Corn Flakes, and Cocoa Krispies?

Besides having a 150-ft yogurt section, it appears Mexicans love yogurt in lots of stuff. Apparently, the addition of yogurt to Trix makes it healthier…or something.

This is the kind of Pepsi you drink while listening to your retro 2nd generation iPod, wearing all the latest fashions from 2002.

Enchilada-flavored apples. (Why?)

Kranky: the fool-proof candy for stupid parents. This must be the treat you give your kids when they get crabby. Right? But then… what do you give a kid who’s happy? Or melancholy?

So, basically, these are the items that stood out to me the most. Sure, there were chile & lime chips up the wazoo, about 50 different kinds of pork rinds, and enough odd things at the prepared foods counter to make you go cross-eyed… but I dunno. These were my faves. Oh, and I tried the strawberry Oreos… they weren’t very strawberry-y. A little disappointing.

Well, until my next shopping trip abroad!…….


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