Sex & the City… the insanity.

June 2, 2008

So, years after the show went off the air, Sex & the City pulled in a whopping 55.7 MILLION DOLLARS.

Every female I know actually went to this film this weekend. I was one of them.

I went with my friends Cooper & Erin to a 3pm show on Saturday. We bought the tickets online in advance. Cooper was worried we’d get closed out because of strong ticket sales… and she was right. When we got to the theater (Kip’s Bay in Murray Hill) at 2:50pm for our 3:30 show, every screening was sold out thru 11pm.

The line upstairs in front of the theater was the kind of crowd you’d expect to see at an 8pm screening for an opening weekend of, say, a Star Wars or Harry Potter sequel. Masses of 20 and 30-something women in costume (dressed up like their favorite characters from the movie… Charlotte… Carrie… et al) and the line already had over 100 people in it. This blew my mind. I’d never seen an afternoon lineup like this before.

When they finally let the line of several hundred giddy women into the theater (the theater attendants actually addressed the crowd as “Ladies!”. I joked, “hey, there’s one guy over here.”), two of them actually got trampled… carried away upstream as hundreds of screaming ADULT WOMEN pushed past them into the theater, scrambling up the stairs in their wannabe Manolos and grabbing seats so their friends could go back to the lobby, to get them all a round of Diet Cokes.

I can’t make fun of these gals. I was one of them.

Although, I didn’t dress up. I came in jeans and tee-shirt. I guess it could be Miranda on her day off… but who dresses up like that? Haha.

In the end, here’s my review of the movie: if you weren’t a fan, don’t see it. And if you think you’re kind of a fan, but don’t really have any sort of emotional connection to the main characters, don’t see it. In fact, if during all 7 seasons of SATC, you never once CRIED because “dammit. that fucking happened to me too,” DO NOT see this movie.

This movie exists only for us fans who needed to extend our relationships with our four favorite women. They sorta go over each character’s storyline in the opening credits… and it was actually well done… but for anyone who doesn’t truly consider themselves a fan, this is just a long, drawn out film about four women. And if you don’t care about them already, this film won’t make you like them. You have to go into it ALREADY loving them.

You have to already understand why Miranda reacts to things the way she does. Otherwise, she’s just some bitch.

You have to understand Carrie & Big’s epic relationship to know why/how things ended up the way they did.

And you definitely had to know how much shit Charlotte went through before finding happiness so you don’t hate her for being so perfect.

So, to the fans who still haven’t gone… mainly because some reviews panned the film… ignore the reviews. Seriously. If you adored the series, you’ll love the movie. Just go.


One Response to “Sex & the City… the insanity.”

  1. shan said

    I like manly men. If a man told me he knew the ins and outs of Sex and the City I would punch him in the face before running in the opposite direction from his candy ass.
    i stl Movie here

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