Don’t Quit Your Dayjob.

June 4, 2008

It appears that the impending doom looming over the economy is affecting us dopey CWs and ADs everywhere. While agencies still have a desperate need for talent, money is tight. And though interviews are still happening (one CW has flown 5 times for interviews, and had several in-town… resulting in nothing), the answer is the same almost every time: the job is on hold.

I.E. “We thought we had the money to hire you, but actually… turns out we don’t. At least not right now.”

Basically, no matter how you feel about your job right now (and the general consensus is usually one of misery and ants-in-the-pants), make peace with STAYING PUT.

Unless something else great comes along, chances are you will have a hard time upgrading your job in this economy. Back in 2001-02, senior and mid-level creatives took pay cuts just so they could get work. Any work.

So what does that mean for mid-level and junior creatives? Well… sure, you come with a cheaper pricetag, but there’s a learning curve when hiring a fresh-faced junior. If an agency can pony up an extra few grand for a good deal on an experienced creative… they’ll do it. It’s just better for business.

Basically, your competition for open jobs aren’t just other people at your level. You’re also competing with people who are better/more experienced than you… who are desperate for a move or any job at all.

If you must leave your current job, avoid downgrading if you can. A good gig is always worth way more in the long run.


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