Bad Juxtaposition.

July 1, 2008

This morning, I found my friend Rachel pouring herself a bowl of cereal in our office’s kitchen. Just a simple box of Corn Chex.

But no. She flipped it backwards under her arm as she went to pour out some milk… and there it was. The back. A giant ad for tacos.

Now, normally this wouldn’t freak me out… except 90% of my mornings as a child were spent staring at the back of cereal boxes, reading every detail as though it were Newsweek.

And the last thing I want to look at at 7am is a big plate of spicy tacos as I just barely shovel down my appropriately-bland morning cereal and skim milk. Staring at that ad at 7am would make me psychologically taste cumin… and just seems so disgusting.

I mean, I can see where the logic could be. Some families decide what they’re going to do for dinner at the breakfast table. It IS the next time they would probably all see each other. One naturally follows the other.

However, using that logic… why not put an ad for pregnancy tests on the back of a box of condoms? Or Immodium AD on a can of chili?

I just think the juxtaposition of these two products was a total turn-off. Bleccch.


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