My Favorite Olympics.

August 20, 2008

For the first time in a while, I’ve watched the Olympics every day. Maybe it’s because I finally have an HD TV and everything – even synchronized swimming – looks great in HD.

Despite the fact that Ian Crocker (a high school friend’s younger brother) will go home with no hardware this time, there were definitely a few highlights for me this year, in my opinion:

  • Beijing is on the other side of the planet. Insomniacs rejoice. Something worth watching (LIVE, NO LESS!) at 3:30 am!
  • Hearing grown men repeat the last name “Dalhausser” over and over. Teehee. (pronounced Dollhouser.)
  • Hearing announcements repeated by an overenthusiastic Chinese announcer. Everything sounds funnier/cooler/more international in Chinese.
  • Watching hurdlers wipe out.

  • Seeing Nastia put that annoying little Shawn in her place in the all-around in women’s gymnastics. (Sorry, Shawn. You’ve been way too perky and confident coming into these games.)
  • Bela Karolyi’s semi-comprehensible, over-enthusiastic commentary. “Total reep-off!”
  • My grandmother’s valid point about “why do women wear bikinis in so many events?” Think about it – in running and beach volleyball, why don’t men wear the male equivalent of sport banana hammocks?
  • Dara Torres indirectly teaches the world how to appropriately pronounce our name.
  • Dara Torres (and a few other “older” silver-medal winners) raises the question: do older athletes “still got it” or can’t compete with the gold-winning whippersnappers?
  • Usain Bolt’s (Jamaica) obvious attitude problem. The hand-pistol? Flashing his pinky ring? Really? He’s not an Olympian. He’s a circus act.
  • The moms. Some of the funniest freakout video ever put on TV.
  • The opening ceremony. Good luck competing with THAT, London.
  • Oh yeah… and that Michael Phelps guy. Not shabby.

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