What Will They Think of Next?!

September 22, 2008

I sometimes wonder how stupid we are. Waiting on the edge of our seats for the fortieth coming of Reese’s… or Coke… all they need to do is slap their iconic logo on a new product and they assume we’ll run out like lemmings and buy ’em all up.

And what’s kinda sad is… we must be buying them all up. Otherwise their research department would never have encouraged making yet ANOTHER brand extension.

This is Doritos’ new exotic flavor… TOASTED CORN.

Um… since Frito-Lay already makes both Doritos and Tostitos AND Fritos… why, in God’s name, do they need another plain, salty corn chip in their arsenal?

A friend of mine argued that he would consider buying these chips because he likes the Doritos brand. So… is that what Doritos is banking on? That people love the Doritos brand so much… and “trust” it SOOOO much…. that they’ll buy these boring, plain chips…


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