I’m baaaaaack.

April 7, 2010

Ok. So, over a year later… I’m finally back to the blog. I’m sure most of you have been checking back daily for the past 14 mos, weeping into your half-empty cups of coffee, wondering “why is there no copywronging for me to read today? And today? And today? And today?…”

Well, it took this little story from the Huffington Post to get me pick up my broken pencil.

So, the French version of Marie Claire has come out with a special edition with absolutely NO retouching. Not a single stroke of an airbrush in the whole publication (ads excluded, I’m sure).

And this is a huge frigging deal.

::Dramatic Pause::

WHY should this have to be such a huge frigging deal?!?!  Why can’t someone just make a magazine ALL the time that promises 0% airbrushing 100% of the time??

Wouldn’t the happy medium be to have a magazine full of normal-to-thin models with no airbrushing? No wonder thin women with cellulite are losing their minds. They being shown that all women in the media are perfect.

The fact is, great-looking women have scars, cellulite, wrinkles, and liver spots. They just DO.

For years, publishers ridiculed about featuring skinny models. Then, some tried featuring full-figured models and that didn’t make women feel any better. It’s more about the airbrushing.

I challenge the publishers in this country to create a beauty magazine that’s full of the same fashion, sex, and celeb crap that all beauty mags have… but no airbrushing.

Because, ultimately… not only would an airbrush-free magazine make us all feel a little more natural and a little less lied-to, but publishers would save MILLIONS in production costs every year. And what Editor-in-Chief wouldn’t like the sound of that..?


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