The iPad: Yet Another Review.

April 7, 2010

By now, if you haven’t bought an iPad or physically touched one or seen countless fluff pieces about it… well, you’re probably just finishing up a 7-month trek along the Appalachian Trail. Or playing space tourist on a Russian cosmo-craft. Or something.

The other day, my dog and I hit the Apple Store before our evening walk. I was lucky enough to get my hands on an iPad almost immediately and started opening apps and sweeping my fingers across its bright, impressive display. My fingers enjoyed the experience so much, they almost found their way down into my wallet for my credit card…

But then I noticed something. Many of the apps that were installed on the iPad were not… well… iPad apps. They were iPhone-sized apps that were compatible with the iPad platform. Which basically means, you can use a tiny little 3-inch app in the center of this big beautiful screen… or hit the “x2” button and it will enlarge, filling the whole screen. When it enlarges, it also gets ridiculously pixelated. Which is kind of a lip-curling turn-off.

Big Screen, Tiny Apps.

What’s the point? If I wanted to use iPhone-sized apps, I’d download them on my iPhone.

The HD (or full-sized) apps looked amazing. Totally gave me an understanding of why someone would want an iPad.

The video looked fantastic. The books looked pretty good… although, I’m still conflicted about reading books on iPad. The point of the Kindle was to give readers a screen that didn’t feel like a screen on the eyeballs. It feels more like paper. The iPad can’t deliver this… but it certainly can deliver full-color publications, which the Kindle cannot.

So, did I finally whip out my credit card? No. Here’s why:

  • Early adopters always get burned. Can you imagine buying the first iPhone? Before they added GPS and the App Store? Ugh. What’s the point!?
  • Fill that App Store with Full-Res iPad apps, Apple. I really have no reason to buy an iPad otherwise. Those life-altering apps are the selling point for me.
  • Waiting for v2 could mean all kinds of goodies for less money. I’d rather save my pennies for the version with more memory and a camera… for probably $399. (obviously a guess, but not a bad one)

Any agreers? Disagreers? Ā Tell me what you think.


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