PETA Wants Everyone to be a Lesbian..?

June 3, 2010

Even though I love animals (both to cuddle with and slather barbecue sauce on), I have generally dismissed most of PETA’s advertising. It’s never very smart. Just goes for shock value. And often doesn’t totally make sense.

Hence, this effort featuring Chantelle Houghton (who?). The copy reads “Eating Meat Got You Down? Fight Impotence. Go Vegetarian!” Then the ad encourages you to order a starter kit for going veggie.

Ok. Now. Let’s dissect this…

Hot girl. Limp hot dog. You got my attention. I want to know what the ad SAYS now.

“Got me down?”  “Fight impotence?”

Are you indirectly saying I should give up male genitalia?

What else could that limp hot dog and frowning sexy girl mean? Incidentally, there are plenty of limp vegetarian foods. Ever tried holding up a piece of tofu?

So… my quick take-away from this ad is: give up dick.

I know, I know. That’s not what they’re trying to say. But that’s the problem. Advertising’s sole purpose is to COMMUNICATE. And this ad makes almost no logical sense.

It ALMOST could work if you took out “Fight Impotence.” Maybe that’s where it’s throwing me.

Either way, this ad actually made me want to go get a hot dog for dinner tonight. Mmmm. Hot dogs.


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