A Whole New World.

August 12, 2010

Ok. I swear. There’s a reason why I haven’t blogged in a while. Long story short, new job. New city. New everything. Actually best couple of months I’ve had in a long while, but I digress…

I’ve moved on up to DC to work at AKQA on the Volkswagen account. Definitely a totally different shindig than anything I ever did at past agencies. Also a bit of a shock to the system coming from Publicis Dallas. Examples:

  • People rarely go home before 7 at AKQA.
  • Technical abbreviations and thinky words are standard fare.
  • Some people ::gasp:: don’t eat meat here.
  • I haven’t ONCE heard anyone talk about football since arriving here.

I have had to re-learn how to use my brain again. Coming to a digital agency like AKQA has proved to be more than just a creative job. I thought being a tech-geek would be enough to make me a total pro at this job, but apparently, you need absorb a lot of intricate know-how to communicate with all the people you work with. I don’t just work with a Creative Director and Art Director and Designers anymore. There’s a huge team of programmers sitting only feet away. They speak mostly in 3-letter-acronyms. And in meetings, they all know what each other is talking about.

Luckily, I’m learning. Slowly but surely. When offers started to roll in for new jobs, I could have taken the more traditional route. With a more senior title and whatnot. However, I wasn’t really thinking about how to make my 2010 better. I was thinking more about 2014. And 2018. If I didn’t learn the digital side of this business at some point, I’d be screwing myself. And fooling myself, thinking that what I read on Gizmodo and Lifehacker would be enough to make me “techie” would only be selling myself short in the long run.

So now… I present to you… the new adventures of an old copywriter. Join me as I navigate the UCWOAHRDA (uber-confusing waters of a highly-respected digital agency).

Note: this job will probably cause the vocabulary I use in this blog to go from a 5th to 7th-grade reading level. Prepare yourself.


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