Prague, Day 2

September 20, 2006

Being sick on a trip really sucks. Especially in another country because the meds are totally different. Luckily, I brought cough drops and vitamin C drops.

I managed to get myself up and out into the city with Sarah, despite not being able to really hear out of my right ear, constant sneezing, etc.

And we saw a lot. By 3ish, we realized we hadn’t eaten – which is when she finally started to worry about me…hahaha — and we stopped for beers in a dark tavern. I could have had 10. I couldn’t feel it. I was already so loopy. I only had 2… but took their card. Definitely want to go back.

We walked all over the old city and across the Charles Bridge into Mala Strana. For $2.22, we climbed the bridge tower and saw an amazing view of Prague… really incredible.

By late afternoon, I left Sarah at a park to play… I’m guessing she just frolicked up and down the hill. But that’s Sarah for ya. Haha… I went back to the hotel and crashed. So tired.

Dinner was at a cute, trendy restaurant that looked like my boss’s office crossed with Cosmo’s main offices… AMAZING mojitos (really popular in Prague for some reason. Wonder if the Cuba/communism thing has anything to do with it..?), fabulous lamb chops & Scottish Salmon, and a cool waiter with a mullet. I highly recommend it: Barock (pronounced “Baroque.”)

Anyway, I’m putting all my photos into one large slideshow on Flickr. I have to upgrade for $25 if I want multiple folders for pictures… and honestly, I’d rather spend the $25 on this trip.

Oh! One last thing. Sarah and I are now debating where to go after this trip. We’re thinking Vienna now. Definitely seems like the closest option. Hope it’s not too expensive… but hey. You only live once, right?



September 20, 2006

So… I woke up this morning with a horrible head cold. Just my f-ing luck, right? Go to an amazing city on a fabulous shoot…and what happens?


That’s what.

Prague, Day 1

September 19, 2006

Honestly, I’m running on fumes at the moment. Really long day. Lots of flying, took a double-dose of Ambien and don’t think I really slept… Basically felt drugged up all day. Did drop by the set and walk around the old town. I can tell this is gonna be a rockin’ trip already.

The photo seen here is a toilet at the set. It has two flushers — one that flushes just a little water, and one that flushes a lot of water. Ya know… to get the big, sticky ones down the drain. Hahaha… Anyway, seems like a great idea. Would save a lot of water. Lord knows you don’t need the same amount of “flush” to push a bit of pee and a crap down the gutter.

Here’s a link to my “Day 1 Slideshow.”

(If you’ve never looked at a flickr slideshow, they’re awesome. If you want a description of a photo, click on it… to move on, click on it again.)

I do have a lot of cool eBay pictures, but I can’t really share them with you. Super confidential. Gotta respect it. Sorry.

More to come once I’ve regained full consciousness…