Up, Up, and Away. Or Not.

September 15, 2006

As I sit on this comfy JetBlue plane, only moments from take-off, I am reminded of my recent travels on Delta–an airline I now regard as both ridiculous and disorganized.

1. Why it’s ridiculous: they’re running a promotion in conjunction with Project Runway. Basically, the flight attendants elect one passenger as the ‘most stylish/best dressed’ and then the passenger gets a prize. I don’t know about you, but old jeans are about as fashionable as I’m gonna get on a 6 hour flight.

2. Why they’re disorganized: on my return (non-stop) flight from San Francisco, we were forced to land in Denver because the toilets weren’t properly serviced. The stop added an extra 90 minutes to the trip…because Delta can’t get their act together.

So… I guess I’m just thankful to be on JetBlue this time. Hopefully we won’t have to stop in Omaha to empty the shitters….