Copywronger Moves South.

August 20, 2008

So, a couple weeks ago, I got two job offers within 10 minutes of each other (how often does that happen??)… one agency in Dallas, one in Dubai. Very tough decision. Ultimately, I’m off to Dallas to go rock out on some great clients with a great AD. If my posts are spotty over the next few weeks, I apologize… moving over 1500 miles is a BITCH! Wish me luck!


So, after my Thanksgiving travel, I discovered something wonderful. If you shove a plastic bottle full of conditioner into your sports bra, the metal detectors simply cannot detect it. Nor can the naked eye.

Which makes me wonder… what if smaller-bosomed gals (say, AA-B cup) went out and got a padded DD bra? Simply for travel? Not only would it make the hours at the airport that much more fun (imagine all the pilots who would hit on you at the Chili’s bar!), but how many little bottles of moisturizer, conditioner, shampoo, hair product, etc you could fit in there?

Personally, I jumped into the bathroom right before security to stuff my bra. Then, on the other side, I pulled everything out and shoved it in my backpack. Frankly, walking around with a bunch of little plastic bottles on me is both unnerving and uncomfy.

I told my friend Pat about this concept and he shared with me what he asked Santa for Xmas. It’s called the BeerBelly. Basically, it’s a strap-on tummy that you can fill with 64 oz of beer. Pretty ingenius.

If, for some reason, you want this slobtacular product, check out this site. The website says it’s good for even sneaking hot chocolate into places (teehee!)… right, and the “water pipe” I bought down on Bleecker St is meant for smoking “tobacco”….

But…since when have we Americans become so obsessed with hiding liquids? I wonder if we could take any notes from the prohibition days to help us get conditioner on airplanes. Hmmm….